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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 3, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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has happened. so much has happened. rafa nadal went through, so did heather watson. but i'm sure you're wondering about andy murray. he finish with more of a swagger, i would say, than olympic. the dignified march through the entrance to expectation. but from the back of the queue to the front of the royal box, this year, wimbledon began with one unifying tension — is he fit? you never truly know until the balls hit the court. sure, he'd serve, but how would andy murray move? one thing to make the other guy scamper, but the defending champion would have to sprint as well at some point. the first set, 6—1. his opponent stopped for mid—match fist bumps. the tattooed arm belongs to sasha bublik. the young man from kazakhstan was taking it all in, and on his first centre court appearance, he forced murray to stretch himself. now, how was that injured hip? here he comes. pretty good. second set to murray, 6—4.
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there were two breaks for rain in the third set. hope that was enough for you. murray's straight sets victory ended with another dash towards the net. now for the ice bath. how are you feeling? you know, with the adrenaline and stuff, it sort of helps numb some pains that you might have. i moved well today and, yeah, i thought i did pretty well for the first match. the white kit, clenched fist... same routine, same wimbledon. and tickets are still sold on the day for those who stand in line. but tradition can only operate in today's world, and in the light of current security concerns, this year, the queue is protected from potential vehicle attack by a barrier of concrete. it's the same, just stronger. which takes us tojohanna konta. her injury was spinal. refocusing after a nasty slip in eastbourne,
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on court at wimbledon, konta was in full flow against su—wei hsieh, an opponent who had beaten her before. here, it wasn't even close. 6—2, 6—2 for britain's number six seed. feeling pretty good, she said. ok, so how does she deal with people thinking she could win it? i think it's a massive compliment. obviously, i'm training very hard, working very hard to be performing at my best level. and i'm hopefully going to be involved here for the full fortnight. venus williams won today, 20 years after her debut here. last month, she was involved in a fatal car accident in florida. she came to speak, described the situation as devastating, and then, well, she couldn't continue. petra kvitova is still learning how to hold a racket again. courage indeed. remember, she was stabbed in her hand by an intruder in december. to play again, to win again here, dream come true, she said. newsnight is coming up on bbc two.
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here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hi, good evening. this is sportsday. i'm damian johnson. the headlines. injury fears unfounded as andy murray breezes into the second round at wimbledon with a straight sets victory on opening day. another brit, johanna konta, follows suit with no apparent ill effects from her dramatic fall at eastbourne. but number five seed stan wawrinka tumbles out on day one, beaten by a 21—year—old wimbledon rookie. away from the championships, everton continue to spend, spend, spend. burnley and england defender michael keane is their latest signing for a fee that could rise to £30 million. lots to get through this evening starting, of course, at wimbledon. there were seven british players
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involved on the first day — not often you can say that. andy murray allayed the injury fears that have dogged his preparations for the championships and breezed into round two with a comfortable victory. ben crowcher reports. and so begins the most quintessentially british fortnight of the sporting summer, queueing, an excuse of the sporting summer, queueing, an excuse for fancy dress and two weeks of andy murray putting us through the ringer. he already put us through that before starting, how would his hip injury stand up against public, we known for his unpredictable style? —— against public. the kazakhstan player was given the ru na round. public. the kazakhstan player was given the runaround. this was andy murray ina given the runaround. this was andy murray in a hurry, tennis in the fast lane. ooh, there is a little bit of good fortune in that but there is even more superb touch. bit of good fortune in that but
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there is even more superb touchm wasn't just the there is even more superb touchm wasn'tjust the net there is even more superb touchm wasn't just the net where murray excelled, inbreeding to the first two sets. wimbledon wouldn't be wimbledon without the british weather saying hello, cherished by some more than others. it was the only respite that bublic would get as murray was in no mood to go easy on him. in less than two hours, straight sets, straightforward, the defending champion safely through. straight sets, straightforward, the defending champion safely throughlj defending champion safely through.|j feel pretty good. over the last few days i was saying i felt better each day. getting out on the court is different, the intensity is higher, but the adrenaline sort of helps, it numbs some of the pains you might have. i moved well today. i thought idid have. i moved well today. i thought i did pretty well for a first match. german dustin brown waits in the second round. if only the next two weeks proved this and paul faulkner andy murray. —— proved this simple
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for andy murray. in his post match news conference, andy murray said his davis cup team—mate dan evans deserves his suspension after testing positive for cocaine. evans could eventually be banned forfour years, meaning the british number three misses out on the peak years of his career. what was looking like it was going to be the best few years of his career, he may have got himself in a position to play in the big events. he is obviously going to have a few yea rs he is obviously going to have a few years away from the game. you make your decisions. he's obviously made a really bad one. the british women's number one johanna konta went through safely today. she beat chinese taipei's hsieh su—wei in herfirst—round tie. the number six seed secured a 6—2 6—2 victory against the player who beat her at the french open in may. this is match point. safely through,
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the number six seed. i'm very happy to come through that, she is a tricky player, on any surface. i lost to her in a close match at the french open so why was looking forward to playing her again and trying to beat her. i was happy to come through that. two more britons, aljaz bedene and heather watson, are also into round two but there was disappointment for others including former junior wimbledon champion laura robson, who crashed out on the first day. nick parrott reports. with wimbledon tradition comes british optimism. tucked away from centre court splendour, players seeking their own kind of grand slam victory. laura robson is still on a journey back to her best. four years ago she was inside the top 30 in the world and on court 18 she showed
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flashes of wide but injury has brought inconsistency. laura is going for her shots but u nfortu nately going for her shots but unfortunately missing the target. the errors made this straightforward beatriz haddad maia. robson once made the last 16 here. her aim now is to get her confidence back. made the last 16 here. her aim now is to get her confidence backlj made the last 16 here. her aim now is to get her confidence back. i am very disappointed, i did not play near my best tennis. frustrating that i couldn't loosen up. i felt very nervous after i let myself down. heather watson tasted success here last year winning the mixed doubles and sheila like she was enjoying her first match doubles and sheila like she was enjoying herfirst match back doubles and sheila like she was enjoying her first match back in the singles as she raced to the first set against maryna zanevska but the british number two has struggled to seek out matches from commanding positions. three match points came and went as watson wobbled before she recovered to map up the match in a tie—break. aljaz bedene faced a player with many years here behind him. at 38, ivo karlovic should as a
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secret to his longevity, his serve, firing many cases past bedene and he faced 27 from the british player —— many aces. this threatened to go on long into the evening and for some this prospect did not fill them with excitement but after nearly four and a half hours, but in a finally broke the croats to take the fifth set and the croats to take the fifth set and the match. the name daniil medvedev probably didn't mean that much to tennis followers before these championships, but this 21—year—old wimbledon debutant is the man who has knocked out number five seed stan wawrinka. medvedev is the world number 49 and took full advantage of his swiss opponent's knee injury which required treatment during change of ends. the russian, who's only playing in his third grand slam, won in four sets. even one year ago i was 250 in the
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rankings. if someone told me i would not only play, but win on centre court at wimbledon or i would say that you arejoking. i'm really happy. that you arejoking. i'm really happy- i that you arejoking. i'm really happy. i have had a great grass court season. i knew that stan had problems in queens, playing only one match on grass. i knew i would have the chance if i played well. remember the name. the favourite for the women's title is two—time champion petra kvitova — on her way back after months out of the game recovering from injuries she received in a knife attack at her home in the czech republic last year. kvitova won a warm—up event in birmingham in the run—up to wimbledon and today beat sweden's johanna la rsson in straight sets. she could meetjohanna konta later in the draw. venus williams won through to round two but she broke down afterwards when asked about the recent fatal car crash she was involved in. earlier, she'd had to work hard to dispatch her first round opponent
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elise mertens of belgium. the american won the first set on a tie break, and eventually wrapped up a straight sets win by taking the second 6—4. but williams had to be led from her post match news conference in tears when asked about last month's crash. there are really no words to describe how devastating... yeah. i'm completely speechless. it's just... yeah, i mean, i'mjust... maybe i should go? way from the tennis everton have had another busy day in the transfer market — completing the signing of burnley and england defender michael keane. the fee is around £25 million but could rise to 30 million which would equal the deal agreed for goalkeeper jordan pickford from sunderland.
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everton have also confirmed the signing of the spanish striker sandro ramirez from malaga. aston villa have signed the former chelsea and england captain john terry. the 36—year—old defender has signed a one—year deal — he says he turned down offers for more money to play in the premier league because he didn't want to play against chelsea. defending champion chris froome is up to second at the tour de france after stage 3 ended in a sprint finish. slovakian world champion peter sagan took the stage win, on an uphill finish to a 126—mile stage that started in belgium and finished at longwy in france. geriant thomas extended his race lead to 12 seconds after the rest of the top six failed to finish in the main bunch. before we go, let's have a look at some of tomorow‘s big matches at wimbledon. ladies‘ top seed and world number one aneglique kerber up against american irina falconi, followed by novak djokovic against slovakia's martin klizan and roger federer going for a record 8th wimbledon title, he starts against alexander dolgopolov. last yea r‘s runner—up milos raonic is first
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on number one coui’t while there's an all—british match on court three with kyle edmund up against alex ward, a qualifier ranked 855 in the world. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are miranda green from the financial times and christopher hope, chief political correspondent at the daily telegraph. a pleasure to see you both. the metro leads with the haute de la garenne children's home, at the centre of a report into decades of child abuse in jersey.
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the mirror's front page is dominated by calls for the prime minister to end the 1% pay cap on public sector wages. the times claims ministers are urging the chancellor to abandon commitments to reduce corporation tax on order to fund an increase in public sector pay. the guardian cites a new report showing the impact of pay freezes on nurses and police officers. the ft leads with a plea from two government ministers that the uk should be prepared to work closely with eu regulators in order to protect our pharmaceutical industry after brexit. the i claims a new form of cancer treatment based on dna testing could help millions of patients. the telegraph says that charities that pester donors for cash, face being fined up to £25,000 under new rules introduced this week and the express says a fresh heatwave will hit the uk this week — it's expected to rise to 32 degrees in london by the weekend.
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what a scorcher! starting with the metro, this is a dreadful story, the island of jersey. metro, this is a dreadful story, the island ofjersey. tear down the house of horrors, the picture of the haut de la garenne children's home, decades of abuse, a report several yea rs decades of abuse, a report several years in the making. the


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